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Story behind the Song

After singing the same songs each year at our church’s Baby Dedication Services, the few songs that worked well for the service were getting well worn. I thought I’d try to write my own song for it. With a good 5 years of fatherhood behind me, I felt qualified to write about children and dedicating them to the Lord so I went to it. This is the song that resulted.

While writing the song I relied on God’s inspiration and drew from my experience as a father. Early in marriage, my wife and I faced infertility. God guided us through 2 wonderful adoption experiences. Then in February of 2009 we unexpectedly became pregnant – something we were told was nearly impossible. Our third child was born on my 30th birthday. Needless to say, it was an answer to prayer. We see our children as gifts that God has entrusted to us to care for and raise to be blessings to the world in God’s Kingdom.

I found much joy and purpose in singing this song to our newborn. What a wonderful prayer God has given me to speak into my children’s lives. I pray this song will bless many more parents out there who realize the wonderful and scary task they have as a parent.

A Song for Many Occasions

  • Baby Dedication Gift
  • Song for Baby Dedication Ceremonies
  • Infant Baptism or Christening Gift
  • Song for Infant Baptism Ceremonies
  • Newborn Baby Gifts
  • Gift for Adoption
  • Baby Shower Gift
  • Lullaby for parents to sing or play

Video with Words



In Good Hands
Copyright 2009 Ben Chilcote

I closed my eyes and said a prayer
And when I looked down you were there
And you were placed into my arms
So amazing

Who am I that God would trust
His little one into my love
And now it all seems up to me
You’re small and helpless

Your steps are ordered
Your hairs are counted
I’ve been entrusted
With God’s beloved

How will I teach you how to walk
When I’m so prone to wander off
How will I teach you how to live
To love and give

How will I teach you how to trust
When I don’t keep my promises
How can I teach you all these things
I’m still learning

Your steps are ordered
Your hairs are counted
A life awaits you
Like a fountain

I am the only world you see
Your tiny hand reaches to me

So I take you by the hand
Close my eyes and pray again
Today I place my dreams for you
In His hands

And one day when you are grown
And walk with Jesus on your own
I know you finally will be
In good hands

Through the tears and
Through the laughter
The Lord goes with you
Before and after

He is longing
For the moment
He can walk with
His beloved

Our steps are ordered
Our hairs are counted
He has never
Missed a moment

Share your story!

I’ve received emails from people who have used In Good Hands in their dedication or baptism services. Have you used the song to bless someone’s life? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment and share how In Good Hands has blessed you and your family.

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  1. Ben,

    Oh My Goodness! I just had my third child. A son, after two daughters. I grew up in music, and earned a double degree in both music education and music performance. Oddly enough…I’m an airline pilot. Oh well…God had different plans for me, I guess. Anyway, as such, I remain very active in my music ministry at my church. I had decided to sing for my son’s baptism…and had almost definately decided on a Rich Mullins song. But, I have been scouring the internet trying to find something that really seemed to fit. Your song is perfect!!! I don’t tweet, therefore I can’t do the “almost” free download. Is there anything I can do to earn your graciousness? Also, I am also wondering if you have a transcription for piano? or just the chords? I can work with either. Anyway, wonderful song, I an hope that you are recognized for such a wonderful work. Thanks so much. God Bless!


    1. Jeff. Hey – thanks for the kind words!! I’ll gladly send you the chords if you give me a free plane ride somewhere!! Just kidding. I appreciate your encouragement. I’ll send you an email.

    1. Gwen,

      You can download the chords up above for free if you share this page on Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t do either of those, let me know and I can make other arrangements. Click the link under “CHORDS AND LYRICS”


  2. Ben,

    I have been struggling to find a song to play for a dedication for my daughter. I even started to compose one, but then I stumbled upon your song. If you dont mind I plan on using it September 17th of this year to dedicate my little girl to God. With your permission I would like to use this song and possibly have someone video tape the performance so I can send it to you! The lyrics are exactly what I wanted to portray. Beautiful song, absolutely beautiful.

    1. Doug,

      I’m so glad you found my song and that it is what you need 🙂 By all means, you can use my song. That’s one of the reasons I have it available on here. I’ve been blessed beyond words by the stories like yours where my song has been used. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!


  3. Hi Ben

    We want to thank you for letting God use you to write such a beautiful song. Our story is similar to yours so the lyrics spoke volume. We share your song with anyone who asks about good baby dedication songs. In Good Hands is a constant reminder that this is best position to place our child in.

  4. Ben,

    Really enjoyed the In Good Hands baby dedication song. I see that it can be downloaded and put on a CD for a gift. I really like the picture of the baby. Is that something that is available as a cover for the CD?


    Beccy Dearborn

  5. Hi,

    I was wondering if your song is available anywhere as an accompaniment track? I would like to sing it to my baby girl in our upcoming baby dedication service, but an instrumental only track would be the only way for me to do it.


  6. Thank you for a really awesome song!! Its just what I needed!

    I really want my husband to sing it to our baby boy on his dedication on the 18 March but we cant find a backtrack for this song anywhere!!! Can you maybe help me or give me a number of some one that will help me. We will only us the song that day but it will be in my memory for ever!! (We’re living in South Africa)

    Thank you


    1. Ben, I lead the worship team at our small church, and my 2 month old is getting baptized this Sunday. I have been struggling to write a song to convey what he means to me. My wife started searching and found your song. We both cried while listening, and i knew I had to do it. Pray for me!

      1. Tim,

        Praise God! That is so cool. I said a prayer for you and your family! Hope all goes well and that the song helps make the event special!


  7. Ben,

    WOW, what a truely beautiful song, We had your song performed while watching images of our daughter at her dedication last week and had the whole church in tears. Thank you so much.

  8. Hi Ben, your song really touched my heart and wished that I could have played it for my kids’ dedications. Anyways our pastor has a baby and the dedication is now in September. I would like to do this song as a special items for them. Would you be willing to share the sheetmusic for piano?


  9. I love this song! As soon as I heard it, I knew this is what I was looking for. Thank you for writing this. I have been looking for a good song for my daughter’s dedication on September 1st (this coming Saturday). I can’t seem to find this in the philippines, looking for a minus one so my friend can sing this with the accompaniment. Do you know where I can get or purchasse online where we can have just the accompaniment of this song, like a karaoke?

  10. This song means so much to me. Every word is perfect for me and my son. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing little man. Thank you for writing such relatable words. I wish I could sing this at his baptism but I cry every time. But your voice will be just perfect. Again thank you so much!!

  11. Ben,
    What an awesome song! My son is being dedicated on April 13th and I would love for my husband to play this song. I want to keep it a surprise so I don’t want to share it to Facebook or Twitter. Is there anyway you could send me the chords and the sheet music for piano if thats available. After the dedication I would be more than happy to share your beautiful song!

  12. Dear Ben,
    Thank you for your amazing work with this beautiful song! Our son’s baptism is this coming sunday 11-23-14. He is our 4th baby – who could have known after 10 years of infertility, miscarriages and 2 beautiful daughters who we adopted! We want your permission to use your song for church on sunday if that would be ok? Also, do you have a harmony or lead sheet or a violin sheet for this song? Please let us know as soon as you are able. Thank you so much for your time! God’s blessings to you and your family. Sincerely, Niki and Kevin Heil

  13. This is a beautiful song!!! I just wish I could find a solo viola arrangement on it so I could play it at my cousins dedication 🙁

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