A short video on dying to yourself during Lent

Though I’m really participating at a nominal level, I’m grateful for Lent. The reality is, there are so many things that slip away from our conscious if we don’t intentionally keep it in front of us. Because of the few things my wife and I gave up for Lent, we have been reminded a few extra times of all that God has done for us. And that there are things in life that we need to become more dissatisfied with so that we’ll be motivated to continue forming our lives around God’s desires in stead of what makes us comfortable and entertained.

Here is another video to remind us about Lent and the ongoing struggle of dying to one’s self. Self-denial is not exclusive to the season of Lent, but a daily necessity for those who have given their lives over to Jesus to be in charge of. I sometimes wonder if there is a task more difficult than this for a Jesus follower in luxurious America. I sometimes wonder… Will there really come a day when I live completely for Jesus?

The video:

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