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Hello readers!  I’m bringing you a small announcement today.

I’ve been working hard (some might say I’ve been distracted :)) on a new extension of my blog.  It is now polished up and ready to present.  So, officially, I’d like to invite you to check out my new and improved YouTube Channel.  I’m sure some of you have been there before from my Songs from the Office – Season 1.  But you haven’t seen the new things I’ve posted.  To be honest, the Chanel is mostly valuable to guitar players and anyone interested in music.  But hey, consider it an open house and stop by just to see what I’ve done (if you care to!).

Oh yeah – Also, I got a notification from WordPress, logged in, clicked some box, and now I guess you can  TWEET my posts.  Pretty sweet.

Well, that’s it!  Take a few minutes to check out my YouTube Channel (which, by the way, is – hey, that’s pretty easy to remember).  If you have any guitar player friends, let them know, too (by Tweeting this post, no doubt!)  And if you really, really love me, subscribe to my YouTube Channel 🙂

And stay tuned….  I’ve some more plans for expansion.   See ya.

If you haven’t clicked yet, here’s the big obvious link:


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