Crossroads come at every Intersection

I’m not too far into this journey and I already find myself at a crossroads. I dove head first into the blog world and discovered many new and exciting things. Two things in particular stand out. First, I discovered that I love blogging. I finally found a medium where I can throw together all my choice forms of expression into one location. Second, I found out that there are people out there making a living blogging. There are ways to make money with your blog and there’s even a guy out there who is not shy about sharing that he makes 6 figures from blogging professionally.

What is it about money that lures us in. Even those of us who feel like we could do so much if we had financial freedom are not free from subtle temptations. I have to be honest… When I think of all the people I could help if I had unlimited resources I can’t help but ALSO dream about that brand new house or that awesome home theater. Or that dream family vacation. So who’s to say that I really could handle a bunch of money if God threw it my way. I’m not living sacrificially now. Why would God give me more if I’m not using what I have now for His Kingdom?

Anyway, that’s a side point. I’m not talking about getting rich (which, by the way, I think we are ALL rich) I was talking about a crossroads. When something crosses our path that awakens a desire in us, we stand at a crossroads. Ideally we let the cross street whiz us by because we are dead focused on our current course. We are hitting all the green lights. But sometimes we roll to a stop and start looking around at other roads. Or we get enough of a glance at the road sign to make a impulsive turn off course.

I am tempted here. Tempted to chase a new career path that will give me many good things. What would be bad about working from home and spending more time with my family? What would be wrong about paying off all our debt and having hundreds of dollars a month to hand out to those in need? What if I could influence thousands of people for God and impact thousands of families? I can’t deny that right under the surface lies selfish ambitions. I could have lots of money… I could be famous… I could have thousands of people tell me how great I am….

I started this blog because I am seeking the Kingdom of God and wish to share my journey. This side street sounds a lot like taking my life back into my own hands. It sounds a lot like I think I can handle resourcing my own ministry and God can bless it if He wants or just watch as I make it happen.

So where do I go from here? Stay the course. I didn’t start this blog to make it my job. Maybe that’s what God has for me down the road. Until then I will continue to chronicle my family’s journey into the Kingdom. Shoot. I don’t even know if anyone is reading this anyway…

Ok, so what about those ads on the side? So far they are not bringing in a significant amount of money. I’ll keep a couple up to cover the cost of the blog. And I do want to support and endorse some companies I use.

What about you? What crossroads have you found yourself at? Are you at one now? Leave a comment.

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