Fourth Avenue

In light of the recent prime-time revival of a cappella I thought I’d do a shout out and a throw back to my vocal band days.

I spent 2001 to 2004 in a professional vocal band called Fourth Avenue.  I held the prestigious title of “tenor”.  This was an awesome experience and though the group formed in 1993, they are still together!  You can find out more at www.fourthavenue.com.

One of the highlights of being in the group was our opportunity to make 2 commercials for Safe Auto.  You can watch the first one we made below.  We actually arranged and recorded our own version of the well-known jingle (which is what is heard on the commercial).  It was an interesting experience shooting the spot.  We shot it in Columbus, Ohio during the night.  Honestly, we spent most of our time sitting around in the trailer.  Enjoy!


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