Getting to know myself as an Entrepreneur

Over the past few years I have been literally sucked into the world of internet entrepreneurship. I started blogging back in 2009 and it didn’t take long for me to discover the world of online business and internet marketing. I was hooked. Ever since I have tried to quit but have not been successful. About 6 months ago I decided to succumb to the relentless pull and admit that perhaps this is a passion that is coming from within that I should pruse and cultivate (responsibly, of course).

Here is a brief list of online ventures I have launched since I set up my blog.

Full Sites
YOU ARE HERE.  I originally started blogging at but soon switched to a hosted wordpress blog. Eventually I started paying for a hosting company to host my own domain and set up as my fully-owned website. recently became when I forgot to have my domain name auto-renew. Someone with their own internet business strategies snatched it up to create a junk site. He offered to sell it back to me for $200 (or something like that) but I decided to expand my empire and go from a .com to a .net.
This is a site I created for songwriters. It has a songwriting club that currently exists on Facebook. I have a lot of ideas and future plans for this – namely, to grow it to become a go-to resource for online songwriters world-wide. So far so good.
This is our church website. I brought our website into a 21st century platform (wordpress) from a clunky CMS designed for churches. Kudos to Brent Thurston for his previous work on the church site. I re-created the site from the ground up and it went live in July 2012 complete with a new church logo.

Review Sites

These sites were created to promote products I use in order to offer information to others who may be intersted in using them, and as a way to make a commission off the product/service sales.

Niche Sites

These niche sites have been experiments in passive income. They were created after doing careful keyword research and are monetized both by Google Adsense and affiliate products. So far I’m getting pretty good traffic and enough income to help cover the basic “business expenses” of all I’m working on.

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