Guitar Lessons by Request

Attention Guitar Players:

When I started blogging, I originally had two blogs.  One was devoted to my thoughts on life and one was devoted to music.  It wasn’t long before I figured out that two blogs were virtually impossible to manage so I combined them.  Ever since, has been a combination of personal creativity and personal commentary. This announcement falls in the music category.

As a guitar player and a prominent figure in a church congregation, I’ve been approached many times about giving guitar lessons.  Though I’ve been able to have a few students along the way, generally it’s hard to find the time.  Well, I came up with a way to share my years of guitar experience with other budding guitar players without the time commitment of ongoing lessons and through the worldwide reach of YouTube.  I call it:

Instructional Videos by Request

How does it work?

Here’s how it works.  You tell make a request and tell me specifically what you’d like me to show you and I will make an instructional video based on the request.  That’s it.  The request can be anything from a song to a part of a song to a technique.  As long as I have the time, I’ll show you how.  If you are not a guitar player but know someone who IS, this might be a good resource for them.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to my YouTube Channel ( and watch the welcome video that plays.
  2. Make your request by leaving a comment on one of my videos.
  3. Subscribe so you get notified when new videos are posted.

That’s it!  Again, if you have any friends you know who are guitar players who may be interested in this, please pass this blog post or my YouTube channel link on to them.  And in case you’re intersted, the first video I’ve posted is a brief tutorial on the song “Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath.

Get Started Here!


Unfortunately I am no longer offering this. However, if you come to my YouTube Channel, you may learn something by watching me play…unless you already know everything I do 🙂

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