Howard Brammer Tribute (hear me rap)

The Video

About the Song

This song was a tribute to a man that was (and is) beloved by many. At our church, we went through a rough time in losing our senior pastor. Howard Brammer stepped in as our interim senior pastor. He originally was asked to stay for a number of months but ended up with us for a full year. For his going away dinner, our media director, Brent Thurston, and I worked up this video. I had the crazy idea to have Howard rap and Brent animate it Jib-Jab Style. I had always wanted to write a rap. I can now cross that off my list. Although, I’d really like to write another. All in all, I spent well over 40 hours on the project. Both Brent and I felt we could have done more with more time, but you do what you can! The lyrics are mostly inside jokes and things we knew about Howard.

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