I’m Beginning to See – By Ben Chilcote

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This song was written as the first assignment in the WCS Songwriting Club. I only had a week to write it. The song is about the tension we live with as Christians trying to figure out our lives while we still have remnants of our old life still trailing behind us.

I’m Beginning To See

My former life is
A life of darkness
Though shadows still cast in the light

Once you awaken
Everything changes
Bright colors bleed through black and white

I’m beginning to see
That maybe
This whole thing is not about me
There’s a bigger picture here to be seen
But I’m much to close now

I’m beginning to fear
That maybe
This whole thing will never be clear
There’s a whole new way to tell if I’m where
I’m supposed to be
I’m beginning to see

Now I am leaning
On those beside me
No longer needing to pretend

We’ll find the arrows
To the path that narrows
We’ll walk it till we find the end


Step by step
Day by day
Trust in faith


© 2012 Ben Chilcote

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  1. Thanks for the song and the direction of revelation it alludes to. Also want to thank you for the WCS group. It is a great way to get insight toward creativity and motive toward purpose and direction to help engage people to praise God for His mercy and grace.

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