Lead Me by Sanctus Real

Songs from the Office

Episode 201 – Lead Me by Sanctus Real

This first episode of my second round of Songs from the Office features a song that has quickly risen to the top and it’s no surprise.  When I first heard it I knew it was something special – a song with a message so spot on yet so unspoken in popular Christian music.  Frankly, it’s the song that every dad and husband needs to take to heart – including myself.  I hope you enjoy my cover of Lead Me.

Before you watch, I want to let you know about  a new feature on my site.  You can now share this page with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and a few other social media sites.  Did I mention that today is my birthday?  Seriously, it is.  If you’re not sure what to get me, click below and share this page with all your friends (that is, if you find it share-worthy)  🙂

Oh – one more thing – if you didn’t see my post yesterday, I launched a Facebook Fan page.  So if you’d like to connect with me on Facebook, click the graphic to the right in the sidebar.  If I don’t know you and you send me a friend request, I’ll respectfully ignore it 🙂

Ok, that’s all I’ll say… for now.


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