Life in the Kingdom to move to a new home

Sometime in the next few weeks Life in the Kingdom will be packing up and moving to a new home. I’ve been blogging now a few months and have been pouring over article after article about bloggin. All the so-called cool people out there say WordPress is really the way to go. So I will be officially relocating to WordPress. After starting to re-do this blog in WordPress, I’m beginning to see what they mean.

I’m pretty sure this site will be down at least for a few hours, maybe a few days, while I figure out the transfer. I’ll let you know when I go off the air. When I return, will have a more simple look and layout but will have some new and improved functionality. Leaving comments will also be a lot easier so when you all start chiming in, I’ll be ready. All my posts and comments will be retained (knock on wood). Until then, thanks for popping in to see what I’m thinking about!

My other website, will remain as it is. Stop by and check out my latest Songs from the Office episode!

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