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Hello readers!

This will be my last post at But don’t fear! – I’m not ending my blog adventure so soon. After much thought and scratching of my head, I have decided to rejoin back with my other blog, Originally, I felt I had some good reasons to separate them and now it makes sense to me to join them back together. It will also be much easier for me to manage one site and not two. So I feel very confident this will be my last move in the blogosphere and I should be well settled at from here on out.

Fortunately I will be able to import all the posts from this blog into so nothing will be lost. I will not, however, be able to transfer Email Subscriptions so I’ll make it easy for you if you’d like to continue following my posts on Kingdom Living. Click below and follow the easy instructions:


Thanks, again, for following along with me on my journey!


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