Meeting Jacob

This is just a follow up anecdote to my recent post on the homeless guy.

A few months ago I was on my way to the office from a weekly breakfast meeting at the downtown Panera Bread.  As I was approaching the on ramp, I slowed down to a red light. I spotted a young, dirty and disheveled man panhandling and I quickly realized I would be stopping right next to him at the light. I did my quick visual assessment and was disarmed merely by the fact that this guy seemed to be the same age as me. In this situation I’m thankful that I acted without thinking.

I knew I had a few dollars in my pocket from breakfast so I grabbed for it as I started rolling down the window. I handed the young man the few dollars and without thinking asked him his name.  (Now, if you know me, this in itself was an act of God because I don’t initiate conversations with my own Mom let alone homeless strangers.)  He said his name was Jacob. I told him I would pray for him that day. He said thank you. The light changed and I was on my way. The whole interaction was about 15 seconds. That night and for a few days after we prayed for Jacob.

I drove away from that intersection feeling closer to God than I do leaving most worship services. I felt that in that moment God said to me “Yes! You’re getting the idea!” Everything about that moment felt right.

The following week I looked for Jacob and I was all ready with a sack of food from Panera – but he was nowhere to be found. I instantly regretted not going immediately back to Panera to get him some food that day we met.  I’m sure I will never see him again.  I wouldn’t know where to even start looking.

I do, however, know where to go looking for God should I need to find Him.

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