Music Update

Hey folks!  This is just a mid-week music update.  I now have 2 projects going on simultaneously: Songs from the Office Season 2 and KC Turner’s Songwriting Club Challenge.

My next SFTO is recorded and about ready to go so watch for that in the next day or two.  I got a great response on the first episode “Lead Me”.  Wow what an awesome song!  It was a perfect song to kick off this new season.  It’s so easy for us men to get preoccupied with our hobbies or even with work that we sacrifice our relationships at home.  It’s a tough tension for a dad to manage – work vs home vs personal pursuits and ambitions.  It was a good reminder for me to not let personal ambition carry me away.

Also, I’ve made headway on Challenge 2 for my Songwriting Club.  I anticipate this to be a great exercise for me.  In the challenge, the facilitator, KC Turner, will issue a phrase on Monday.  We then have a week to write and record ourselves performing the song.  Then we post it to our YouTube page and the Facebook group.  Last week the assignment was “Somewhere the Sky Is Blue”.  Check it out here.  The second challenge is: “When I’m 30”.  This is an interesting one – especially since I’m now 31.  So I’ll have to take a creative approach to this one.  I already have the verse and chorus chord progressions, feel, basic melody and song concept hammered out.  That stuff kind of came quickly to me yesterday.  Now will be the hard part – word-smithing my concepts into great lyrics and leading the listener through a progression of thought through the duration of the song.  You’ll get to hear it soon enough.  It’s due by Sunday night.

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