Musical Influences – A Blog Series

On my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page there are places to list your “influences” as a musician. I’ve always passed right over those because I never felt that I had time to sit down and think through all the musical influences that have, over the years, shaped me as an artist. There are some recent groups that I listen to who I could list, but it wouldn’t be fair to many other bands and artists who have taken root in my life over the years.

Rather than make a boring list, I have decided to create a series of blog posts to share songs and bands and musical experiences that have impacted me through my life. I’m not sure how long this series will last. The more I think, the more songs I remember.

The series will include both individual songs that I have listened to hundreds of times and music groups that I have become a fan of – gravitating to every piece of art they produce.  My musical journey has taken me far and wide through many eras and diverse styles.

When possible, I will share the songs themselves (as long as they are available on YouTube!) I look forward to this exercise as a chance to look back and an opportunity to give my readers and listeners some insight to how I’ve been shaped as a musician and artist!

Watch for the first post in the series early next week!


(Heart artwork – Original Painting by Phil Fung)

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