Musical Influences – Part 6 – Romeo and Juliet

This is part of a series of blog posts written to share songs, bands and musical experiences that have shaped me as a musician and artist.

I can’t really tell you whether or not we were on the cutting edge in the early 80s.  To this day, whenever I get the opportunity, I boast in the fact that we had a Commodore 64.  Dad knew a guy at church who gave us a bunch of games on floppy disks and my brothers and I were in heaven.  One of the many games was a space ship shooter game called Saxion.  The game had some pretty boss background music.

Fast forward ahead a few years .  I can’t say where or when, but I heard the music from the game that I had loved so much.  I had the opportunity to look up and somehow figured out where it was from.  The library  had it on vinyl and it was Romeo and Juliet ballet by Prokofiev.  I dropped the needle to the correct track and I HAD FOUND IT.  It was the music from the video game.  But this was the London Symphony Orchestra so it was many times better.

The first video is the song from the game.  That is followed by one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard.



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