My Firstborn Turns 1000

I regret I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to post much lately.

This is just a quick note to say that the first original song I’ve published, In Good Hands, has reached 1000 hits on YouTube!  Now, in light of true viral videos that reach into the hundreds of thousands of hits, it’s a small deal.  But for me, it’s been exciting to see this little song make its way into the lives of complete strangers and bless them.  I still get regular downloads of the chords and accompaniment tracks.  And the occasional word of thanks.  I was privileged to work with God on that and I give Him credit for any lasting or spiritual value this song has had.

I hope soon to get back on track with Songs from the Office.  I appreciate the encouragement from all of you who have found the episodes beneficial.  I’m glad I have discovered this outlet to share with you!

Please read on and help support my friends!

One Quick Plug…

A young woman in our congregation and member of our Worship Team, Hanna, recently overcame a 14 month debilitating migraine.  After hundreds of meds, experimental procedures, a handful of specialists out of state, she was a recipient of a groundbreaking Nerve Decompression Surgery which finally cured the headache but has left her and her husband (also on our Worship Team) more than $15,000 in the hole.

Friends and family have rallied together to celebrate with them and to also offer support for their financial burden.  There will be a local Celebration & Benefit event Sunday, May 16th where there will be a raffle and silent auction.  The Celebration will be lead by members of our church’s Worship Team.  All proceeds will go directly to Mike and Hanna.  The local news media has become interested in Hanna’s story and Hanna is VERY interested in bringing hope to other sufferers of chronic headaches.

Visit to read Hanna’s story in depth and to find out ways to support them.  You can give directly online at

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