New Project Coming in 2010 – Songs from the Office

Next year I plan to launch a new creative project. On my other blog, I have plenty of raw material for content. On this blog, however, creative projects take more time.  I am pretty busy and already am on very tight time budget which allows me little time for extra blogging as it is. Fortunately for my blogs, I love blogging, so I make time for it. Unfortunately for other important things, they say “hey, no fair – get me done!”  I hope this new project will require only a small investment on my part and bring a lot of value to those interested in this website. (my Mom, wife and 4 friends).

What is Songs from the Office? Hmmmm. I could tell you. But how about you just come back and find out on January 5th. How’s that for a marketing scheme. If you are bright, you may be able to formulate a hypothesis as to what this creative project might be based merely on the title of it.

If you are the type of person who would really like to check it out but are pretty sure you won’t remember, I have a solution for you. All you have to do is put your email address in the little box at the top of this blog and hit enter. Follow a few simples steps after that and you’ll be subscribed to this blog. All you have to do after that is forget all about it until an email pops into your inbox to let you know there’s a new post.

Disclaimer.  Songs from the Office is NOT about the TV show, The Office, though that is one of my favorite shows.

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