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Hey Readers….I have no deep thoughts or anything but wanted to draw a little attention to some very minor site changes.

Header Graphic
First of all, there’s a new header graphic – yippee (said without emotion). I wanted something to better reflect the nature of this blog. Since it’s part music, part life, I needed an element that illustrates the part life part – the part that is like being on a journey. So no, it’s not about a man in a land of guitars. It’s about us (my family) and our journey as told by me – with some musical rest stops along the way.

Social Media Links
You may notice I have a short list of social media links.  (If you didn’t, look up and left).  Yes, I joined Twitter.  I was all excited because I looked and saw I had 1 follower.  But then I realized that meant I was following one person.  Hmmm.  I’m new to Twitter but hooked my phone up to it.  So now I can tell you when I’m buying canned mushrooms at the grocery, or whatever.  You can see my latest Tweet down left.  I also have a YouTube channel.  Bet you didn’t know that.  That’s where I have all my videos stored and linked to here.  So you can check that out and leave me a comment.  Also, there’s this old-fashioned way of connecting with people called email.  That’s up there, too, but who uses that antiquated method anymore.

I’m happy to announce that a few days ago (since I’ve been counting) I’ve hit 1000 visits.  Thank you all for visiting my site.  And thanks for sharing it with others.  This blog is for you all!

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