Offering by Paul Baloche – Acoustic Cover

This is one of my favorite modern worship tunes.  Not only is it great musically, but it gives a simple theological foundation of worship.  The Bible makes it clear that sinful man cannot sustain an encounter with a Holy God.  The good news is we have been covered by Jesus blood, we can enter directly into God’s presence with confidence that our sinfulness has been covered by Christ’s righteousness – that is, if we are IN Christ.  This picture of atonement (or, as I’ve heard, making us “at one” with God)  makes the most sense in light of God’s design for sin atonement for His nation, Israel, in the Old Testament.

The song also speaks of Revelation’s description of Heaven.  It describes the glory of the Lord being so bright there will be no night…”no shadow in Your presence”.  For anyone who has deep adoration for Jesus, this is a very special song.   Thank you, Paul, for the this great gift!



I came across the story behind the song.  Pretty cool…



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