Official Launch

This blog and my debut song, “In Good Hands” marks the launch of my hobby music career! I just entered a new chapter in life with the birth of my 3rd child on the same day I turned 30.  With the coming of our 3rd, I knew my extra time would be even more limited.  I have had many creative ideas in the works with no definite plans to finish any of them.  I decided to actually complete a project and put it out there in the event this is the last chance I have for a while to devote time to such a project.

As the years come, I hope to release more projects and discuss them on this website.  Until then, I plan to share my thoughts about life, being a pastor, a dad, a husband, and many of the other things I think about.

In the music widget up top you can stream my song in its entirety.  However, if you like the song, consider supporting a local artist by purchasing it (it costs less than a dollar!).  I wouldn’t mind at least covering the cost of distribution and copyrighting 🙂  Also, if you find any of my music worth sharing, please do so.  I have found “In Good Hands” to be a meaningful song to hum to my infant while holding him.

Finally, I’d love your input and feedback.  Leave me a comment.  I’d love to know your thoughts.


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