Prayer Night – Week 1

My wife and I started a new thing.  We were inspired my some friends of ours to start praying together in a more formal way.  We chose Monday night as our night to have a serious prayer time together.  So we began last night.  And let me say… it was nothing extraordinary 🙂  There was something slightly interesting about it, though.

We put the kids to bed and tried to get our infant settled enough.  We listened to a Paul Baloche song, Here And Now, (great song!) to get us focused and “tuned in” then started to pray.  I held our fussy baby while we prayed.  Our 5 year old kept yelling things to us from her bedroom and even came out a few times.  (Let me tell you, your response as a parent to a bothersome child is really held accountable when it occurs during a prayer time!)  My cell phone even rang.  But we kept on and prayed for about 10 minutes.  It did cross our minds that when we tried to pray there were many distractions.  One might say the Enemy was trying to distract us.  Does that happen?  Perhaps.  At any rate, we didn’t take the opportunity to give up and I’m glad we didn’t.

It’s a small but good start.  Just like I think when I exercise, even if I didn’t run far or long, I at least got out and helped establish the habit in my life. Finally, I feel like I’m getting to the heart of this blog.  I hope to continue to share what we learn so others can be challenged and encouraged to make that final step into the Kingdom.

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