Prayer Night – Week 2

For the second week, Nicole and I sat down and had a purposeful time of prayer together. We are barely into the journey but everything feels right. We again put the kids to bed and sat on the couch. We listened to Hear Us from Heaven to get us “tuned in” and prayed for whatever came to mind. Our kids, our marriage, our friends, our neighbors. We prayed for maybe 15 minutes. This time, I got a sense – not a clear voice from God – but a sense that we needed to reach out to a certain family. Now we’re getting somewhere

There is a family we met this through our daughter’s ballet class. I’m not sure of their situation but they have kids our kid’s ages and they live somewhat near us. They came to mind so I prayed for them. I feel like God has given us something to do now. So, we have made it to step 2. Now on to step 3. We will make contact with the family and try to get together. We can’t assume we know the needs they have. It could just be they need someone to be their friend. Whatever it is, we’ll hopefully find out soon. I’m confident the need God wants to minister to will become clear. This is also good because it involves the whole family. Our kids need to be able to participate in God’s work.

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