Prayer Time returns on its normal night. Prayer night Week 3

If one were to peruse this  blog they would see a link to Monday Prayer nights.  If they clicked it they might see just two posts from many weeks ago and think ‘that’s odd’.   Tonight, after a busy holiday season, Monday Night Prayer was back.  What is it about a new discipline that is hard to work into your regular rhythm of life?

So we prayed together out loud.  No, the Holy Spirit did not ascend like a Dove, nor did we see tongues of fire.  But I trust over time these little bits of shared prayer will lead us into deeper encounters with God and strengthen our sense of oneness.  A lot of times we Christians use the “where ever two or more are gathered in His name…” verse in regard to church activities.  But the same goes for private family time. There’s no doubt that as we continue to practice this discipline, we will come to recognize God’s presence and learn to hear His voice together.

Plus, it feels much better when our oldest child to come out and find us praying in stead of watching TV or on our separate laptops.  As the cheesy church sign says: “A family that prays together stays together”.

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