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I’m still young enough that I remember when the internet made it’s way into the home offices of my friends and I.  I can’t remember if it was American Online or Prodigy, but I remember being at my friend’s house when his family was one of the first to get online.  He was able to chat with other people on his computer and it was completely unreal.  He would click his mouse, then we’d hear a phone dialing followed by weird hisses, buzzes and tweets coming from the back of his computer as his modem connected.

In a short time we’ve come a long way.  The internet is everywhere and part of our everyday lives.  It’s pretty darn amazing and has made the world a tiny place.  Though the internet provides great things in our lives, most of us are aware that it also poses a great threat.  Wherever you go online, you are only a click away from danger.  There is a need today more than ever to protect our children from online predators (be it people or companies who push their ads in front of us) as well as accidently stumbling onto content we don’t want them to experience.  This goes for us parents, too – especially Dads who are very susceptible to the dangers of online content.

I have tried a number of filters and blockers and one that I now use, and am endorsing here, is Safe Eyes.  Safe Eyes has offered satisfactory protection online.  It has great features and control.  It comes highly rated by many reputable sources.

Internet dangers will continue to grow.  This is why I have an ad for Safe Eyes.  If you click on it it will take you to their website where you can read more about their products and the reason they exist.  Any commissions I receive through this will go back into this ministry.  Don’t be ignorant of Internet dangers!

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Hey, fellas.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity to address this because most of us aren’t talking much about it.  If you are finding yourself trapped in a cycle of secret surfing, let me tell you a few things.  First of all, you’re not alone so don’t be afraid to face it.  Second, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not a big deal because it IS.  Men have gone down this road only to find their marriages wrecked and their lives in ruin.  Even if you perceive your internet viewing as harmless, you are playing with fire.  If you are surfing onto sites in secret, you need to do something about it.  A good place to start is  This is actually a great resources for husbands AND wives.  Here is another good resource from a man whose life was ruined by his internet use but then restored.

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