Songs from the Office – Episode #11 – We Will Walk Another Mile

Songs from the Office graphicI’m pleased to give you my first original song since my niche original, “In Good Hands”. This week’s SFTO episode describes what some of us go through when we are faced with an opportunity to give of ourselves to help someone else.

This song made its debut at our church’s Leadership Community Gathering as part of a new church vision launch. Due to God’s working things together, the song both reflects things I’ve been thinking about in the past half year (which is also reflected on this blog) and what God has been revealing to the leadership of our church. Thanks to the LCG, I had a deadline to finish the song.

Inspiration for the lyrics came from many different places. I think most of us have been in the situation where we are helping someone out but reach the threshold where we decide the sacrifice is too much and we walk away.  Giving is easy when it’s convenient for the giver.  Perhaps we have been on the other side where we are really carrying something heavy and all we want is for someone to notice and ask if we need any help. That’s what the song is about. Except the song has a different ending than what we tend to experience.


We Will Walk Another Mile
by Ben Chilcote

I know that you carry more than you show
Maybe you need a friend that you can trust to share the load
I look around
Here I am
Feet to walk
Empty hands

There is a love that finds the lonely
Takes her hand and guides her through
My feet they want to walk away
Should I walk another mile with you?
Should I walk another mile with you?

From this point on, I may invest with no return
Loss or not I’m afraid if I go it will confirm
What you resolved long ago
That in this life – you’re on your own

There is a love that finds the broken
Binds him up and makes him new
This love won’t let me walk away
So I’ll walk another mile with you

I’ll walk another mile with you
But just how long is the road?
Only God knows
It’s much to long to walk alone

This just may be a moment God Himself prepared
I just may be an answer to a mother’s prayer

There is a love that finds helpless
And does for them what they can’t do
There is a love that dies to live
And dies to give no matter what there is to lose

There is a love that finds the needy
You need me and I need you
Please don’t let me walk away
So I can walk another mile with you
We will walk another mile

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  1. Lovely, Ben! What a great way to start my Tuesday! Thanks for sharing! PS–Char watched with me and said, “Wow, can he really do that in real life?! He’s pretty good!” So you have the approval of a 5-year-old, too!

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