Songs from the Office – Episode #13 – Endlessly

Songs from the Office graphicThis week’s song joined our regular worship rotation recently. It comes from a 2007 worship album put out by New Life Worship.

As a worship leader, I wonder if those singing are able to sing to God with the realization that He’s really there in our midst. Awakening to God’s presence in our midst is not always easy. What does it feel like? How do we know? How do we know it’s a God-encounter and not just our emotions? There is surely faith involved and that comes as we mature spiritually.

I can’t help but wonder how we might respond if we truly realized we were standing before the living God…If we became aware of His real presence with us and it was more than just a mental exercise – to try to sing to our imagined image of God. What if we went beyond just singing words out into the air?

With Your majesty here / I fall to my knees / I love You endlessly

Do you believe that God’s majesty is so great that if we were to behold it in the middle of church that we might fall to our knees? Would you allow yourself to be so vulnerable and humbled before God that you knelt down right where everyone could see you?


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