Songs from the Office – Episode #4 – In Good Hands

Today our daughter is turning 6 years old.  She’s our oldest and the circumstances of how we adopted her is a wonderful story.  I thought I’d use this special day to share with you my first original Song from the Office episode.  The song already has it’s own page on this blog so I won’t tell you about the song – you can read about it for yourself.  I will say, however, when I wrote it, I did have all our children in mind – not just our youngest (who, by the way, is on the album cover).  Looking at the song through the lens of an adoption certainly gives a different spin to the lyrics.  After seeing Mom’s birthday video gift, our daughter really wanted me to make her one.  That is in the works, but for now, I am very happy to share with you a song that has brought me much joy to create and sing.

Since it’s release on the world wide web back in November, In Good Hands has made it’s way to the ears of people all over.  I’ve had requests for the chords so people could sing it in their churches – usually for a relative who is being dedicated or baptized.  I am truly humbled that this song has blessed so many already.


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