Songs from the Office – Episode #5 – All to you

Songs from the Office graphicA few years ago my brother told me “You HAVE to get this album!” It was Lincoln Brewster’s new live album. So I did. And I listened to it. And I was blown away! That was the first time I ever heard Lincoln Brewster. And my first thought was finally – someone put a guitar solo in Christian music. All To You was one of the first songs I listend to and my jaw just dropped when I heard the solo – and it went on and on. Thank you Linoln Brewster, for not being afraid of a guitar solo.

So here’s one of my favorite worship tunes, All To You. We used this as an opening/closing song this past Sunday. We didn’t do the guitar solo but we have a good sax player that improv’ed on one of the sections. We had a really good time playing it. As Mr. Jackson would say, the vocals are a little pitchy, but generally ok. I tell you, it’s tricky when you do one live take to get it right! Thanks for watching!


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  1. Hey Ben,

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve been enjoying a regular fix of your singing and playing. Well done, and let’s hear some more original stuff, too!

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