Songs from the Office – Episode #6 – The Only Hope

This week’s song is The Only Hope by Bebo Norman. I first became a fan of Bebo when I went searching for new Christmas songs to use in our church services. I came across one of his songs while listening to samples in the iTunes store. I liked what I heard and downloaded the album. I was really captured by his lyrics, songs, and voice. I then over time collected a few more of his songs including his newest album titled Bebo Norman. The Only Hope is on that album. You can’t really recreate the energy the original in a solo acoustic performance.

Beyond just liking the composition of the song, the lyrics really resonate with me and echo thoughts I’ve had myself. For whatever it’s worth, episode #6!


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  1. The kids and I just listened to a couple of your songs. Samantha is absentmindedly humming it now. 🙂 9 now, but I can still remember you guys playing the itsy-bitsy spider to her when she was all of 2. 😀 Good memories.

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