Songs from the Office – Episode #8 – Love Never Fails

Songs from the Office graphicFor this week’s SFTO episode features an artist I was introduced to last year – Brandon Heath.  His first hit was “GIve Me Your Eyes”.  We  did that in church last year and I bought the CD to learn the song.  It turns out the CD is really good and quickly became one of my favorites.  I’m now a fan and will watch for his next album.  They recently began playing his song, Love Never Fails, on the radio.  I predict this will become a standard at weddings.

This is actually a sneak peak at the song we’ll be playing this Sunday to wrap up our pastor’s sermon series on Love.  We’ll be adding a few more instruments for that.  Until then, I hope you’ll not only enjoy this acoustic “live-rehearsal” of the song, but also the well-composed song itself!


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