Songs from the Office – Episode #9 – Pull Me Out

Songs from the Office graphicFor this week’s SFTO episode I return to one of my more recent favorite singer-songwriters, Bebo Norman.  This is the first track off his newest self-titled album, Bebo Norman.  The song is pull me out and was chosen because it will kick off our March sermon series.  I also chose it because I think it’s a pretty cool song.  For guitar players, this song is in what we call “drop D” tuning and has a little bit different fingerings than standard tuning.  So this took a little extra effort to learn.

If you are at BCC on Sunday you’ll get to hear to the full band arrangement.  Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy this version.  You can learn more about Bebo Norman here.


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  1. Bebo is such a great songwriter. Go back to his older stuff, too. Myself when I am Real is a great album. So is Try. His first few albums were produced by Mr. Ed Cash!

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