Songs from the Office – Season 2


I’m excited to announce that the 2nd Season of Songs from the Office is going to kick off this week.  I already have 3 songs recorded and in the hopper.  This year I’ve simplified my recording setup even more and will be doing everything with one microphone.  It’s proved to be a much simpler setup (requiring even less time) and actually sounds much much better in my opinion.

I know my website has not seen too many updates in the past few months.  There are a few reasons for that.  One is that my family has been so stinkin’ busy!  Our kids are jumping right in to extra curricular activities and our little one is about to turn 1 so family life has been a handful (but still totally awesome!)  Also, I have been re-evaluating my side venture (aka, my blog, YouTube Channel, etc) and exploring the gigantic universe of the internet and some things have come into focus.  But before you write me off as a blog that came and went, just know that I’m still here and about to enact yet another evolution of my website.  I’ll talk more about that soon.  Just know there will be some changes and some announcements this week.

One announcement, I’ll go ahead and make right now. I’ve put together a Facebook fan page. This way I can have a place to interact on Facebook separate from my personal account. To “like” it and join in the community, click the graphic:

That’s it for now. Put this site back on your radar and stay tuned! There’s more to come THIS WEEK.

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