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The Luckiest – Five Fold Ben Debut Music Video

I’ve had this idea for a while and used the occasion of my wife’s birthday as an excuse to make it. Up front, I will admit that it’s very rough – only because I don’t have a lot of time to put in to these video shananigans (how do you spell that silly word?). It was pretty much a one-take, make it up on the fly kind of deal. I was pleased at my first real attempt at using a green screen, though it was glitchy. My original plan was to arrange the song and perform everything live but as I thought it through, that clearly would have taken a lot more time to learn all the parts. In stead I chose to record it ahead and just make a conventional music video.

I (we) hope you like it! And now…Five Fold Ben performing The Luckiest by Ben Folds! (confusing, I know)


The song is one I have always liked a lot since my friend Andy introduced me to Ben Folds. The original is done with piano and strings and I’ve often felt the song was reflective of my life. Not in the superstitious sense (I don’t believe in luck) but in the sense that I don’t know why, but God has always worked things out for me. That God has reserved great things to bring to my life. And it just makes me feel like my life has been really good – but not because of anything I’ve done.


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  1. I'm not sure where my comment went, so I'll say it again.This is such a beautiful tribute for one of the most deserving ladies of our time, Nicole.I'm so privileged to work with you and know you guys. You are my favorite male singer. You know that heaven must stop and turn up the volume when you sing. You need a CD! And Nicole should definitely do some of these songs in the office with you sometime. This is too long, I know.I'm sure Nicole wishes there were five of you so that there was more of you to go around to do the many jobs you have on your plate. LOL Love you both.:)

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