Today is the Day – Songs from the Office Pilot Episode

Songs from the Office

Every week I plan to upload a song on this blog.  The songs I choose will typically be songs I’m working on for Sunday morning (church services).  There won’t be pyrotechnics or choreography – only a raw performance* (with a little reverb) literally recorded in my office.

This week’s song was our opener from this past week’s services.  Today is the Day written by Lincoln Brewster and Paul Baloche.  I thought this would be appropriate for the launch and an anthem for the new decade.

Thanks for checking it out!

*You may notice a weird blurry edit in this video.  There was a technical glitch in my original capture which cut a few seconds out of the song.  I had to do some creative editing to fix it.  If you didn’t notice it then, great, I just pointed it out!

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  1. Great job and great idea! Keep them coming! This year I realized the power of getting a video out there quickly rather than waiting months and months to polish it up. Nice job!

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