This page contains various video projects I have worked on both for my own hobbies, as well as work-related projects.

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Video Tutorial for I was given only the subject. I developed the concept, wrote the script, recorded and edited the main content of the video. The intro and outro were created by others.

This was a promotional video for small groups at the church where I worked. I shot and edited the video and used stock music.

This was a sermon series intro video. I created the concept, script, and created the video. I used a mix of stock photographs and personal images along with stock music.

This was a sermon series video intro that I created for the church I was working at. I created the concept, did the scripting as well as produced the video using stock video and music.

This video was a hobby project for a side business where I was promoting software as an affiliate. I created the concept, wrote the script, and used all original screen footage and my own voice over. I used stock music.

Tutorial Video – I created this instructional video for our church to show how to use our church communication software