Worship songwriters Going Local

A video was just posted on YouTube with Matt Redman giving some thoughts on writing songs – especially for the local church.  It’s an interesting discussion.

With the advent of the Internet and the current evolution of the music industry, we now have access to music and artists we never had before.  With the millions of choices out there, we still need someone to sort through them and tell us which ones are worth checking out.  One solution is to look into your local bands and artists.

I’m sure there is a temptation for Christian musicians and songwriters to have dreams of “making it big” and having their songs heard and even sung by the masses.  But what if the end goal of a Worship Leader/Songwriter was to write songs for their own congregation?  After all, there is so much competition out there, how in the world does a new songwriter get their song out on top to be heard?  There are some unique blessings to writing for your congregation.  Granted, you may not become famous or make a lot of money.

Here’s the video.


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    1. Yeah – I think that’s a great idea. When I was younger, I used to think it would be awesome to produce original music and then give it all away for free. But now that I’m older with a family, a mortgage, and not a lot of extra cash, I have a different perspective. But then I wonder if I seek God’s Kingdom first, won’t He take care of my needs? I guess it’s probably my “wants” that I’m concerned about not having 🙂 Thankfully there are MANY top worship leaders offering a lot of free stuff. And granted, everything can’t be free because some people make their living selling their music/services.

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